Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab

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Welcome to the Website for the Freshwater Fisheries Conservation Lab

Supervised by Dr. Bruce Tufts at Queen's University

The main themes in our research are conservation and sustainable use of freshwater fisheries in Canada. Many of our research projects involve studies on wild fish populations that are targets of recreational fisheries. Another important area of research in the lab is to develop better approaches for inland aquaculture in recirculation systems. 

              This site is intended to provide background information for anyone who might be interested in our research projects, including potential students, anglers, tournament organizers, and the general public.

Have You Caught a Tagged Bass?

If you have caught one of our tagged fish, with a yellow or pink tag (pictured above)
please report the fish by telephone to 613-533-6143 or

by clicking here:  REPORT A TAGGED FISH

For more information please see the fish tagging section under the Lab Projects Tab