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The Lab has a long history of basic research in fish physiology/biology, as well as applied research on fisheries conservation issues.  In recent years, our main focus has been on applied studies related to conservation of freshwater fisheries.  Our current research examines the ecology of fish species important to the commercial and recreational fisheries in Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River.  This research program involves a number collaborative projects with the Lake Ontario Management Unit (OMNRF). Much of our ongoing research takes advantage of an expanding network of acoustic telemetry receivers deployed in the Bay of Quinte, eastern basin of Lake Ontario and St Lawrence River to examine the spatial ecology of a variety of species including Black Bass, Walleye, Muskellunge and Lake Whitefish.  A number of these projects now include several years of data which is being analyzed and written up in graduate theses and publications. Collaborators also include Dr Mark Ridgway (OMNRF) and Dr Paul Blanchfield (DFO) who are both adjunct Professors in the Department of Biology, Queen’s University.

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